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EPP Group calls for common charger within 6 months
Autor: Capital24tv 2020.01.30 21:30
The European Commission has been given 6 months to come up with a plan for common phone chargers.
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EU Cap on Card Fees
Autor: Capital24tv 2014.04.07 08:58
The European Parliament has voted to introduce a cap on card payment fees that are charged to shops on behalf of credit and debit card schemes
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Discovering talent in the digital era
Autor: Capital24tv 2020.02.12 11:57
Attracting and retaining talent is one of the main challenges facing companies today
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2016.10.14 11:21
W dniach 5-6 października 2016 roku, w Hotelu Sheraton w Warszawie w ramach Spotkania Liderów Bankowości i Ubezpieczeń odbyła się XII edycja
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Spotkanie Liderów Bankowości i Ubezpieczeń za nami!
2016.10.14 00:00
XII Warsaw International Banking Summit oraz VIII Insurance Forum!
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